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10W-40 marine oil

VROOAM is an expert manufacturer of high-grade 10W-40 marine oil for diesel engines for inland waterway ships. As a passionate Dutch company, we apply our extensive expertise in ships and the marine industry to develop the finest lubrication for these powerful engines. Our LSP EVO 10W-40 oil provides ultimate protection and lubrication for optimum performance that exceeds expectations.

The product of Dutch marine expertise: 10W-40 marine oil

As a Dutch company, we have a lot of experience with the marine industry and the unique requirements of ships engines. VROOAM’s LSP EVO 10W-40 marine oil has been developed by our in-house engineers to provide diesel engines on river vessels with the best possible lubrication these powerful machines need. Our country’s vast network of waterways is our laboratory, so we may develop technically superior heavy-duty lubricants for naval and inland vessels. With our 10W-40 marine oil, we offer extended oil intervals and reduced operation costs as well as the highest possible engine performance. It is a multigrade oil exclusively composed for diesel engines of ships using specially selected base oils. The LSP EVO 10W-40 marine oil uses the latest developments in LOW-SAPS additive technology. This includes an extra TBN reserve. By using this 10W-40 marine oil, you will be providing the exhaust catalyst with extra protection to extend its durability through the lubrication’s exclusive low-ash formulation.

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Our expertise is not limited to engine oil, but also encompasses hydraulic fluidscompressor lubes and even coolants. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding our lubrication and other products. You can reach us via info@vrooam-lubricants.com, the contact form or by calling +31 (0) 78 750 16 32.







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