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10W-40 motor oil

When it comes to high-grade 10W-40 motor oil for your motorcycle, rely on VROOAM. We are a Dutch company with a passion for powersports and the marine industry. We channel our passion in developing high-quality lubricants for optimal performance and achievements that always exceed expectations.

High-quality 10W-40 motor oil for all performance motorcycles

Various motorcycles with a four-stroke engine require SAE 10W-40 motor oil to protect, clean and lubricate the engine and to optimize fuel efficiency and performance. However, not every engine is the same. That is why VROOAM has developed a range of various 10W-40 motor oils. Each product in this range was developed with the unique requirements of the engine type in mind. The four varieties are:

  • VR90 series for all high-performance air- and water-cooled 4-stroke motorcycle engines
  • VR70 series for circuit, road, city and off-road motorcycles with air- and water cooled engines
  • VR50 10W-40 synthetic oil for performance air- and water cooled engines
  • VR30 10W-40 all-round HC-tech oil with synthetic additive formula for day-to-day use

Whatever variety of 10W-40 motor oil you choose, our products always provides excellent lubrication and engine protection. The oil lends itself to provide a smooth clutch and gearbox operation and quick engine response for improved output. Additionally, the specially developed 10W-40 motor oil promotes cleanliness and provides extra durability and reliability to performance motorcycles.

Professional care products for powersports vehicles

The specialist engineers from VROOAM have applied their knowledge and passion for powersports to more than just motor oil. We offer high-grade products to give performance motorcycles all the professional care they require: from fork oils to brake fluids, and from coolants to cleaners and shampoos. We will gladly answer all your questions regarding our products or help you find the nearest VROOAM dealer. Contact us via, the contact form or call us at +31 (0) 78 750 16 32.







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