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15W-40 marine oil

VROOAM offers the best 15W-40 marine oil for 4-stroke diesel engines and high-speed diesel engines. As a Dutch company specialized in the development and manufacturing of lubricants for powersports and the marine industry, we always strive to exceed expectations and achievements with our high-grade oils.

The best 15W-40 marine oil for seagoing vessels

Our product range is divided into two marine categories: one for seagoing and one for river vessels. Both categories offer high-grade 15W-40 oil for marine use, specially developed by our expert engineers for use in specific types of vessels to offer lubrication, engine protection and optimum performance. For high-speed life boats that can be used in severe operation conditions powered by a diesel engine, we developed the MR300 15W-40 marine oil that meets the specific needs of this vessel. It offers the following features:

  • Strong oxidation resistance
  • Stable viscosity index
  • High detergency and dispersion power to prevent deposits in the engine
  • Wear, corrosion and foam prevention
  • Low pour point
  • Low sulfated ash number

SAE 15W-40 lubrication for inland vessels

As 4-stroke diesel engines for river vessels have different requirements from seagoing vessels, VROOAM developed a line of high-quality marine oil for these ships. The Universal SAE 15W-40 is a multigrade marine oil of the latest generation. It consists of high-quality base oils with balanced additives. This product is suited for engines that use a SCR-based exhaust after treatment systems. For ships equipped with an engine containing a Diesel Particulate Filter, VROOAM’s LSP EVO 15W-40 is the correct marine oil. This oil is based on the latest LOW-SAPS additive technology and has an exclusive low-ash formulation to protect the exhaust catalyst.

Contact us for personal advice

Experts at VROOAM are happy to answer any questions you have regarding our products. We offer personal advice to help you find the best lubrication for your vessel. Let us know how we may help. Send us a message via or the contact form or call +31 (0) 78 750 16 32.







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