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5w-40 engine oil

VR90 5W-40 triple ester engine oil offers optimum performance for high-performance motorcycles. This 100% synthetic oil has been specially developed by our passionate and expert engineers to exceed rider’s expectations and achievements. It is the product of continuous research and development and the latest additive technologies.

Synthetic 5W-40 engine oil for ultimate performance

VROOAM’s 100% synthetic PAO triple ester 5W-40 engine oil offers ultimate engine protection and lubrication for an even better performance. Thanks to the high ester content, this lubricant has a higher resistance to shear and loss of viscosity. The 5W-40 engine oil improves output and reliability and can be used in a wide range of temperatures and conditions. Even the toughest circuits and roads are no match for a motorcycle using our 5W-40 engine oil. This lubricant is suitable for all 4-stroke high-performance air and water cooled engines and performance motorcycles that require a racing-dedicated product.

Everything high-performance motorcycles need

Next to a wide range of finest grade engine oils, VROOAM also offers other products to keep performance and powersports motorcycles running at peak performance. This range includes hydraulics and brakes fluids, as well as coolant and transmission oils.

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