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5W-40 motorcycle oil

VROOAM’s VR90 5W-40 is the best motorcycle oil for high-performance motorcycles with 4-stroke engines. This lubricant is the high-quality result of continuous developments and research in the latest additives technology. Like all our technically superior lubricants, it was developed by our expert engineers with a passion for powersports whose main priority is to improve motorcycle performance.

Ultimate protection and performance with the 5W-40 motorcycle oil

The 5W-40 motorcycle oil is part of our VR90 series with PAO triple ester formula, designed for air and water cooled 4-stroke engines with wet or dry clutch. Using this finest grade engine oil provides a motorcycle engine with the ultimate protection and lubrication. Additionally, the 5W-40 motorcycle oil leads to a smoother operation of both clutch and gearbox and helps to keep the engine clean. This leads to more output and thus an even better performance. The lubricant’s high ester content, offers a better resistance to loss of viscosity and shear. It is recommended for use in performance motorcycles that require a racing-dedicated product and is suitable for circuit, road, city and off-road conditions.

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To keep high-performance motorcycles in optimal condition, VROOAM offers a wide range of dedicated products. This entails a variety of high-quality fork and transmission oils, as well as cleaners, hydraulics and brake fluids and coolants. Do you have any questions regarding our products and services? Let us know! We will gladly answer them. Call us at +31 (0) 78 750 16 32 or send a message through the contact form or mail to info@vrooam-lubricants.com








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