Semi-Syntethic Motorcycle Engine Oil 25W-50

A custom formulated semi-synthetic 4-Stroke V-Twin motorcycle engine oil. Engineered to meet the specific demands of large displacement V-Twin engines. It combines the benefits of synthetic oils with the lower cost of mineral oils. Offers excellent protection at high loads and high temperatures which are typical in V-Twin engines. Ideal for use in all V-Twin engines where an economical priced product is desired and superior protection at all climates.

This product offers very good engine protection by using VROOAM’s unique Performance Additive Technology, which results in reducing bearing and valve train wear and keeps pistons and rings from scuffing. The engine will run much quieter and will have lower oil consumption through its unique and stabile multi-grade viscosity of SAE 25W-50.

Viscosity: SAE 25W-50

DE VROOAM American V-Twin Semi-Synthetic Motorcycle engine Oil ist ein semi-synthetisches 4-Takt Mehrbereichsöl. V-Twin Motorrad-Motorenöl bietet ultimative Leistung und Schutz. Es ist so konzipiert, dass die spezifischen Anforderungen bei V-Twin Motoren mit großem Hubraum, erfüllt werden. VROOAM American V-Twin Semi- Synthetic Motorcycle Engine Oil speziell entwickelt für hohe Performance, um den Anforderungen der V-Twin (luft- und wassergekühlten Motoren) gerecht zu werden.

VROOAM Performance Additiv-Technologie bietet ein Höchstmaß an Schmierung und bei hohen Temperaturen.

NL VROOAM American V-Twin Semi-Synthetic Motorcycle Engine Oil is een multi-grade 4-takt V-Twin motorfiets motorolie dat ultieme prestaties en bescherming biedt en is geformuleerd om aan de specifieke eisen van zware V-Twin motoren te voldoen. VROOAM American V-Twin Semi-Synthetic Motorcycle Engine Oil is een hoogwaardige V-Twin motorfiets motorolie en is speciaal geformuleerd om te voldoen aan de eisen van V-Twin lucht en watergekoelde motoren. 

VROOAM Performance Additive Technology biedt ultieme smering, voorkomt slijtage van de motor, houdt de motor schoon en laat de motor soepeler en koeler draaien.

ES VROOAM American V-Twin Semi-Synthetic Motorcycle Engine Oil es un aceite multigrado, semisintético para motocicletas con motores V-Twin de 4 tiempos. Proporciona un rendimiento óptimo de motor y está formulado para satisfacer las necesidades de los motores V-Twin con grandes cilindros. VROOAM American V-Twin Semi-Synthetic Motorcycle Engine Oil es un aceite de alto rendimiento específicamente formulado para satisfacer los requerimientos de los motores V-Twin refrigerados tanto por ire como por agua. 

VROOAM Performance Additive Technology proporciona una lubricación óptima, previene el desgaste motor, mantiene el motor limpio, refrigerado y más suave.

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