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Marine lubricating oil

At VROOAM we have exactly the marine lubricating oil you need for your vessel. Whether it is an inland ship our seagoing vessel, we have specially designed marine lubricants just for you. With an extensive experience in the marine industry, we know exactly what the requirements are for this specialized field. At VROOAM we develop and produce our own product ranges. This way, we can provide the best possible quality in our marine lubricants.

What marine lubricating oil do you need?

We offer our marine lubricating oil products in two different categories. As a Dutch company, we have a lot of experience in marine shipping and with the specific needs for both inland and seagoing vessels. For marine lubricating oil, its intended use changes the components used within the product. Discover the 4-stroke marine engine lubricating oils we offer for inland river vessels:

      For seagoing ships we offer 2-stroke crosshead engine cylinder oil and system oils. All of these offer a good and stable viscosity index and provide great durability and protection. Discover the products for seagoing marine vessels here:

      Cannot figure out what exactly you need?

      No need to worry. Our knowledgeable employees are more than happy to help you in finding the right product for you and the intended application. Make sure to call +31(0)78 750 16 32 or send an email to info@vrooam-lubricants.com. There is also the possibility to fill in a contact form. To which we will respond as soon as possible.