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FIA Karting European Championship, KZ & KZ2 Round 1- Wackersdorf
FIA Karting European Championship, KZ & KZ2 Round 1- Wackersdorf
06 mei 2019 

FIA Karting European Championship, KZ & KZ2 Round 1- Wackersdorf

With just a week of rest for our partners it was time to get back on track. Last weekend our partners were in Germany for the shifter classes European season opening round. Read here the results.

Qualifying Practices

During the qualifying practices our partners took P1, P2 & P3. See full results below👇.

P4 – A. Abasse. (FR) @sodikartofficial  #KZ.
P10 – E. Denner.(FR) @cpbsport  #KZ2.
P1 –
R. Longhi (IT) @birel_art #KZ2.
P3 – G. Polomba (IT) @croc_promotion_official #KZ2.
P32 – L. Reiböck (DE) @birelart_racing_ksw #KZ2.
P2 – J. Pex (NL) #PexRacing #KZ.
P5 – L.Camplese (IT) #SCPerformance #KZ

Qualifying Heats

Our partners took pole position and P2. Last weekend 4 out of 5 drivers in the top 5 were VROOAM racing partners in #KZ and P3 in #KZ2. The heats started off under a winning sign.

P2 – A. Abasse. (FR) @sodikartofficial  #KZ.
P7 – E. Denner.(FR) @cpbsport  #KZ2.
P4 – A. Irlando (IT) @birel_art #KZ2.
P3 – G. Polomba (IT) @croc_promotion_official #KZ.
P39 – V. Fritsch (DE) @birelart_racing_ksw #KZ2.
P1 – J. Pex (NL) #PexRacing #KZ.
P5 – L.Camplese (IT) #SCPerformance #KZ


The race weekend ended in a very good way for our racing partners. Sodikart and Abbasse took the victory and Birel ART ended in P3 in KZ after a full of emotions race! But that was not all, Stan Pex (Pex Racing) signed the best lap in the race. Full results below.

P1 – A. Abasse. (FR) @sodikartofficial  #KZ.
P25 – E. Denner.(FR) @cpbsport  #KZ2.
P3 –
A. Irlando (IT) @birel_art #KZ.
P8 – G. Polomba (IT) @croc_promotion_official #KZ2.
@birelart_racing_ksw #KZ2.
P5 – J. Pex (NL) #PexRacing #KZ.
P14 – L. Camplese (IT) #SCPerformance #KZ

Interested in the results of our partners during the next races? Please follow our social media platforms or check out our website for an overview of the race. To view the races live stream please visit: Next race we will be present at the second round of FIA Karting European Championship – Junior, OK and OKJ at Genk, Belgium. See you there!


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