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VROOAM Testimonials

What people say about us... 

“We couldn’t be happier with our partnership with VROOAM Lubricants." ... "In the Junior World Championship, the Moto2 and the Moto3 categories and they have helped us achieve our goals.” 

Amadeo Mellado -
Aspar Team FIM CEV Coordinator

VROOAM is not only our oil supplier but also became a business friend. Their service is of a high level! So far, the VROOAM products has proven themselves in our engines by accurately tracking our oil samples. Therefore, we hope for an even longer pleasant cooperation. 

Dennie Wanders -
Fleet Manager Duraship B.V.

..."I have been impressed with how well VROOAM lubricates the internal components of all engines we work with." ..."There’s no doubt in my mind that VROOAM is the best oil in the market" 

Troy Farley –
TF Race Engines

..."A lot of my customers, including the Australian KZ champion, use both VROOAM Syncorse and Factory Racing 2T oils. From Mini Rok to KZ, VROOAM has our engine covered.”

DB Souter-Dawson -
B Sport

“VROOAM is a dynamic company, with a high priority for personal attention. Service is excellent, they know exactly how it works in inland shipping. In short, a great business relationship and a relief to work with.”

Arjan Verburg –
DGA Dutch Cargo Shipping BV

"The VROOAM VR90 lubrication properties of essential parts delivers at least the same performance as comparable professional motorcycle engine oils.""... VROOAM VR90 delivers superb performance and power output.”

Swen Ahnendorp Tuning  -
Race to perfection Germany

"Regarding to the 2019 season our experience with VROOAM products is very good. We use multiple products for the team, from lubricants to maintenance products."

Jakub 'Kuba' Smrž - 

ACCR Czech Talent Team


 “As an engine tuner I achieved 47 World Championship titles in the highest level of racing.

Within my 30 years of experience I have opened hundreds of engines we noticed differences when using VROOAM engine oil, I can tell you that we have not found any better lubricants before.”

Jordi Granell - 
Company manager POWERED BY JG

"Their range of outstanding oils excel in delivering excellent lubrication, high performance, heat resistance, maximum engine protection, cleanliness, and quick response. VROOAM lubricants delivers top-notch results on the track."

Jiří Macháč - 

Macháč Motors


“We have been VROOAM customers for years now, the reliability and quality of the products distinguish this company. For our engines we use Factory Racing 2T Kart Engine Oil, which provides excellent lubrication and performance.”

Viti Racing

“We’re proud to call VROOAM our partner. Top quality and ambition are just two of the many characteristics we share, so we’re excited to live this journey together! Let’s go for it, VROOAM!”

TM Kart


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