resistance against oxidation


and stable viscosity index


detergency and dispersion power

A top class and modern marine diesel engine oil for life boat engines, formulated with quality base oils and the latest additive technology. All-round marine engine oil for high speed diesel engines that can be used in severe operation conditions and all the year round. This engine oil has a special additive system and may be used when diesel fuel with relatively high sulphur contents are used.

Viscosities and specifications: SAE 15W-40; API CI-4/SL; ACEA E7


• Strong resistance against oxidation

• Good and stable viscosity index

• High detergency and dispersion power to prevent deposits in the engine

• Preventing from wear, corrosion and foam

• Low pour point

• A low sulphated ash number

We know how a product should perform in the highest level of racing and marine industry, therefore we developed an exclusive range of lubricants to exceed your expectations.

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