resistance against oxidation


and stable viscosity index


detergency and dispersion power

High quality Marine Heavy-Duty Trunk Piston engine oil for modern medium speed 4-stroke marine diesel engines running on distillate diesel fuel where the sulphur content is +1,8%. This oil has a state-of-the-art additive technology that provides superb engine cleanliness and protection.

This marine trunk piston engine oil is developed as lubricating oil of high and medium speed marine diesel engines with or without turbo-charging. This marine oil is a SAE 40 viscosity grade with a TBN (Total Base Number) of 40.


• Strong resistance against oxidation

• Good and stable viscosity index

• High detergency and dispersion power

• Good alkalinity to neutralize the acid compounds which are produced during the combustion of a distillate diesel fuel

• Preventing from wear, (salt water) corrosion and foam

• Low pour point

• Good water separation power

We know how a product should perform in the highest level of racing and marine industry, therefore we developed an exclusive range of lubricants to exceed your expectations.

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