13 mei 2019 


An updated riders profile of scooter drag racer Marco van Engelen (Visstick). Here is a short updated profile of Marco, we are pleased to have him with the VROOAM Family.

About Marco:
My name is Marco van Engelen, I am from the Netherlands and my people know me by the nickname: Visstick. I am a scooter drag race rider and I compete in The Netherlands, France and Germany. This season we are going to conquer Italy as well!

I ride 150 and 201 meter tracks with my 70cc Yamaha Jog and 208cc Bicylindre with race number #097. In 2018 I added some nice records to my name because I won the Dutch, French and German championship. This year is my 5th season which we expect a lot of!

Describe yourself in a couple of sentences:
I am a quiet person but sometimes I can be very busy as well. I love speed and action!

How did you get into drag racing?
I loved riding my scooter but I used to get a lot of speeding tickets. Therefore, we looked for a good alternative. That’s where we got into the NSSN, the Dutch Scooter Sprint Competition. We started at the bottom and worked ourselves all the way up. Nowadays I compete in the Dutch Competition as well in some other countries.

Is drag racing a big part of your daily life?
It is not specifically my daily life, because I also have my work. But together with my father we spend most of our spare time working on preparations and adjustments to get even faster than our competition.

Who is you hero?
My hero is the F1 driver Max Verstappen. I think it’s great what Max accomplished. He started small and built his way up. That’s what I look up to!

What would you biggest achievement be?
My biggest achievement would to be able to participate in major events abroad, not so much to win but to show them what we are able to.

What do you hope to achieve this year?
I hope to be able to race at big events and perhaps even take a look at the big boys in America!

Any advised to the kids that want to e a professional like you?
Be yourself and do good to others, be committed to the sports that you do.

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