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TM Kart uses & recommends VROOAM
TM Kart uses & recommends VROOAM
21 juni 2024 

TM Kart uses & recommends VROOAM

VROOAM Lubricants, a Dutch developer of outstanding high-performance lubricating oils, is thrilled to announce a partnership with the esteemed Italian kart engine producer, TM Kart.

Dedicated to continuous innovation, VROOAM develops high-quality oils for a variety of applications, including specifically formulated products for 2-stroke kart engines. With years of industry experience and the expertise of our professional engineers, we have developed products that are both reliable and high-performing. Our products have consistently proven to enhance the performance of TM Kart’s engines.

The successful collaboration was illustrated by the victories of last season, among which Freddie Slater’s win of the FIA Karting KZ2 European championship with the Birel ART team, and Dries van Langendonck’s victory of the FIA Karting OKJ world championship with the Forza Racing team. Besides considering track performance as a priority, TM Kart and VROOAM Lubricants share the highest quality standards in their products and ambition.

The partnership between TM Kart and VROOAM aims to combine skills and experience to further enhance the development of our products and achieve new significant milestones together in the evolution of kart racing technology.

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