VR6000 LL-III 5W-30


VR6000 LL-III 5W-30

This is a universal high-quality motor oil suitable for use in Passenger Car-, Van Gasoline- and Diesel engines where the manufacturer recommends a motor oil that exceeds the ACEA C3, VAG 504.00/507.00, MB 229.51 and BMW LL-04 performance levels. VROOAM VR6000 LL-III 5W-30 is a fuel saving, LOW SAPS and long-life motor oil developed on synthetic base oils in combination with VROOAM Performance Additive Technology.

Exceeds the following performance criteria: ACEA C3; VW 504.00/507.00; MB 229.51; Porche C30. Meets the requirements of VW 504.00/50700; MB 229.51.

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