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2-stroke transmission oil

Like any engine, a separate transmission in off-road and on-road motorcycles or scooters deserves only the best oil. Choosing the right kind of lubrication is important for any machine, even more so for high-performance ones such as a racing engine or other powersports engine. That is why VROOAM Lubricants offers a range of oils developed by our expert engineers to give your 2-stroke motorcycle engine the best performance and care.

Specialized range of quality 2-stroke transmission oil

Our high-grade range of 2-stroke transmission oil provides excellent lubrication to your engine and allows for ultra-high RPM. The oil has been developed to provide protection to your motorcycle during even the toughest rides and to promote cleanliness. If you use our 2-stroke transmission oil, you will also enjoy easy shifting, optimal wet-clutch performance and gear protection. Our range contains oil suited for many types of motorcycles with a separate transmission such as motocross bikes, road racing bikes and even scooters. This range consists of the following types of 2-stroke transmission oil:

Find our oil at the nearest dealer

Our range of high-grade oil for 2-stroke motorcycle engines is available in bottles of 1 liter at your nearest dealer. Do not hesitate to contact us with your questions regarding our products or for finding the nearest dealer. Send an email to, use the contact form or call +31 (0) 78 750 16 32.







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