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Paulius Labanauskas NeonStunt
Paulius Labanauskas 'NeonStunt'
26 maart 2016 

Paulius Labanauskas 'NeonStunt'

My name is Paulius Labanauskas. I am a stunt rider from Lithuania, born 16 May 1993. I’m stunting with a Kawasaki ZX-6R motorbike since 2012.

In my free time I love to stunt ride the most but as well, I like training my body at the gym. I’m stunt riding every day, because it helps to improve my skills, that is how I become better every time. I am the best at difficult stunt tricks, most of other stunt riders cannot do difficult tricks. This is because I work hard and put in lots of effort every day.

My hero is Chris Pfeiffer. He is a four-time stunt riding champion. I really like him especially his trick’s technique.

When I stunt ride, I can realize myself in this sport through a variety of tricks on a motorbike. I try hard to improve every day and when I ride, I am the happiest man alive!

This year I was two – time stunt riding champion in Lithuania and I achieve the 2nd place at Ghettogames championship. So, this is my biggest achievements so far…

In 2016‘s I hope to be the champion of stunt riding in Lithuania for the 3rd time, to achieve the one of the three places at the Europe‘s championship and to be the one of the five best drivers at the World‘s championship.

My advice for the kids, who want to become stunt drivers: Never give up your dreams, work very hard and enjoy stunt riding!


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