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Aqua-Myra in the spotlights
Aqua-Myra in the spotlights
20 november 2018 

Aqua-Myra in the spotlights

In this issue of “In the spotlight”: m/s “Aqua-Myra”

Shipping company Aqua

Shipping company Aqua was founded in 1998. The founders are Leo Verburg and Myra Verburg-Ooms. Both are from skipper families whose name can be found far back in the history books.
They both started their career ashore but realised that their real passion was sailing on their own ship. They obtained the required diplomas and papers and not much later shipping company Aqua was a fact.

m/s “Aqua-Myra”

Their ship, just like her predecessors, named Aqua-Myra is a modern ship. It’s equipped with all modern techniques in order to transport the load in a safe, quick an environmental friendly way over all inland waters. They are capable of transporting a great variety of loads, like bulk goods, feed products, waste products and containers.

Length: 109,93 meters
Width: 11,39 meters
Maximum depth: 3,72 meters
Maximum tons deadweight: 3.168 tons
Container capacity: 47 TEU per layer

Environmentally friendly

Shipping company Aqua is affiliated with “The Green Line”. This is a partnership between a number of ships with the aim to make water transport more sustainable.
To contribute to the environment Leo and Myra installed an exhaust catalyst and diesel particulate filter. As a result, the emission of harmful gases and particulate matter is reduced to a minimum and they can meet the upcoming strict environmental requirements.


Leo became a VROOAM customer in 2017. Because of the exhaust catalyst and diesel particulate filter a LOW-SAP lubricant is required. Therefore Leo chose for VROOAM LSP EVO 15W-40 for his Caterpillar main engine. VROOAM LSP EVO is a unique product with specially selected base oils which are based on the latest development of high-grade “Low-SAPS” additive technology including an extra TBN reserve. The exclusive “Low-Ash” formulation protects and extends the durability of the exhaust catalyst.

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