29 mei 2019 


A rider’s profile of Motocross rider Nico Jucker of the RGS Motocross Team.

Name: Nico Jucker
Birthplace: Switzerland
Birthdate:  04 Oktober 1997
Race nr.: #46
Team:  RGS Team
Riding for Team RGS since: 2019

About Nicko Jucker

My name is Nico Jucker from Saland (Switzerland) and I am a motocross pro. I am a rider of the RGS Motocross team since 2019 and switched from MX2 to MX1. The bike I participate with is a Kawasaki KXF 4050/2019 and my goals for this season are finishing in the top 10 in the MX Open Swiss Championship and gaining points in the ADAC Masters.

How did you get into MX?
I got into Motocross through my dad. He was a racer in the past, he was doing road racing World Championship 250 cc.

Is MX a big part of your life?
Yes! Motocross is 100% part of my life.

Who is your hero?
My hero is Jeffrey Herlings. He is a Dutch professional motocross racer who competes in the MXGP Motocross World Championship for the Red Bull KTM factory racing team. He inspires me.

What is your biggest achievement?
My biggest achievement so far is getting the 3rd place with 125 cc in the Swiss Championship and gaining Points in the ADAC Youngster Cup.

What do you hope to achieve in the future?
My next big goal is to become Swiss Champion MXopen and gaining points in the ADAC MX Masters.

Any advice for kids wanting to become a professional like you?
Follow your goals and never give up.

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17. 03.                     Wintermotocross                    Frankenbach / D
6 – 07. 04               Swiss championship                Payerne
13. / 14. 04              Swiss championship               Wohlen
22.04.                       Swiss championship                Frauenfeld
01. / 02. 06.             ADAC Masters                         Möggers / A
15. / 16. 06.             Swiss championship                    Cossonay
29. / 30. 06.             ADAC Masters –                      Mölln
20. / 21. 06.             Swiss championship                Broc
10. / 11. 08.             ADAC Masters                         Gaildorf
17. / 18. 08.             Swiss championship                Linden
31.08 /01.09           ADAC Masters                        Bilstein
07. / 08. 09.             Swiss championship                Malters
14. / 15. 09.             ADAC Masters                         Holzgerlingen

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