Talent pool rider Lars Derboven Belgium Champion VLM Nationals MX2!
12 september 2019 

Talent pool rider Lars Derboven Belgium Champion VLM Nationals MX2!

We are proud of our Talent Pool Rider Lars Derboven! He made it to become the Belgium Champion VLM Nationals MX2, well done. Here is a short update on Lars’s successful season.

Season 2019
After having suffered a very serious injury for 2 years in a row. It remains to be seen what season 2019 would have bring for Lars Derboven. This season Lars switched from the KTM 125cc 2-stroke to the KTM 250 sxf 4-stroke. Fortunate, that switch went smoothly and soon noticed that Lars translated himself better at 250 sxf, lubricated by the VROOAM VR90 5W-40 engine oil. Every match during this season Lars made the desired progression as a result, 2 races before the end he became Belgium Champion VLM MX2.

The future
For Lars Derboven, next season the switch to the MX2 International team will follow. He would emphasize his gratitude to the VROOAM team and is thrilled that he can depend on using the products and VROOAM Service for next season. We are happy to have you on our team and we are looking forward to another successful season. Go for it champ!

Lars derboven Champion

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