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VROOAM expands collaboration with Slurink Bunker stations
VROOAM expands collaboration with Slurink Bunker stations
17 oktober 2019 
in Marine

VROOAM expands collaboration with Slurink Bunker stations

The Hilda S is the newest bunker vessel of Slurink Bunker Stations and was recently taken into service. The trusted VROOAM products are not only sold on this ship but are also used for lubricating and maintaining all the technical components onboard. Slurink hereby expresses its confidence in the VROOAM products that they as well supply to their customers. Something that we are very proud of!


In recent years, VROOAM has made a name for itself in the inland shipping industry with the delivery of high-quality motor oils and various lubrication and maintenance products. At this moment there are around 80 inland vessels that use our products. This includes the recently delivered ships such as Endurance II, Yara, Belize, Amphira and Maranta. We can now also add the Hilda S to this list.


The Mitsubishi main engine of the Hilda S is lubricated by our VROOAM LSP EVO 15W-40 engine oil. This specially developed multigrade heavy-duty diesel engine oil is exclusively formulated for use in marine diesel engines. For this Mitsubishi engine type S6A3-T2MPTAW (490 hp), VROOAM also supplies pre-mixed coolant. This Coolant ready mix, with specification BL AL -15 ° C does not need to be mixed with (demi) water and has been approved for this engine type by Koedood Marine Group. Furthermore, they use the Multipurpose Grease EP0, Hydraulic Fluid 32 and Chaincase 150 transmission oil. Slurink uses the RR Gearbox 30 for the gearbox.

Lubrication plan

An extensive lubrication plan ensures that our products are used correctly in daily use onboard. A lubrication plan is tailor-made for every ship and is carefully prepared by us. Together with our client and the crew on board, we ensure that everything is clear before our products are deployed operationally.

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We know how a product should perform in the highest level of racing and marine industry, therefore we developed an exclusive range of lubricants to exceed your expectations.


We create and innovate with full commitment and product dedication, as we are a company of enthusiasts. Performance is our main priority at all times.

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